The Coatings Training Institute training modules can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Entry-level modules are suitable for anyone working in a paint company, to get a better understanding of the products their company makes.

The modules provide not only technical training but also a better command of technical English - the universal language for the Coatings industry – in a global arena. The Coatings Training Institute has experience in working with students around the world including the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Germany, Baltics, Sweden, France and Saudi Arabia.

This training programme is truly established – and has been in place for over 30 years.

Top Reasons why you should please support my training:-

  1. Using The Coatings Training Institute modules from the British Coatings Federation will MAKE and SAVE your company money.
  2. Higher skilled staff means better, more consistent products commanding a higher price.
  3. Higher skilled staff means fewer mistakes, less waste, less spoiled batches and less redundant stocks.
  4. If you value your staff, they will feel motivated and likely to perform better. Research shows that two-thirds of employees said they worked harder as a result of learning new skills. This, in turn, adds value to their business.
  5. Satisfied and motivated staff are less likely to leave, lowering recruitment costs.
  6. Success for your company means providing quality products and service at a good price. It means keeping up with technology. To do that, your company needs skilled staff who have new ideas, know the job and understand your business and its priorities. It means you need quality training.
  7. If you are involved in sales, you can more accurately describe and understand the systems you are selling, adding value (and margin) to the products your company offers.
  8. If you are involved in Formulating and Quality Control, you will be able to investigate and identify problems by use of accurate terminology using the “same language”.

Convince your boss

If you would like to study with The Coatings Training Institute but you think your boss might need a bit of persuasion, submit your details here and we will contact your boss on your behalf.

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